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About PowderCoil™
The Future of Pre-Painted Coil Technology

PowderCoil™ is a state-of-the-art, high-speed, coil coating technology designed and developed to apply powder paints onto continuously moving steel or aluminum strip. It is the first truly high speed, high performance, pre-painted coil coating system, that overcomes all previous technological limitations. PowderCoil™ applies a uniform and consistent layer of powder paint at speeds of 500 ft/min.PowderCoil™ technology meets the demand for value added pre-painted metal by providing the best possible solution for decorative and functional pre-painted metal available in coil form: for building products, automotive, appliance, furniture and fixture, container and other pre-painted metals markets.

PowderCoil™ outperforms all existing coil coating technologies in the areas of:

Environmental requirements
Capital cost
Operational efficiency
Labor savings
Material gains

PowderCoil™ combines three unique processing technologies:

PowderJet™ electrostatic application system
Radiant Energy Systems
Short-wave ifrared oven curing
Ultra-fast powder paint curing

If you are looking for a cost competitive, differentiated product to provide your firm with the value added edge you desire, look no further than PowderCoil™.